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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II - Our Colonel-in-Chief

Patron of the Royal British Legion


Mr Darren Baker 2011


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His Royal Highness The Colonel 2015

Commissioned by The Regiment to mark the 40th Anniversary of His Colonelcy


Antoinette Eugster



The Military Wives Choir


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BREAKING NEWS: - See our diary for Waterloo200 details - Blackpool Reunion - No 3 Coy Reunion at Bristol






We would like to extend to you a warm welcome from our site

which we hope you will find interesting and informative.


A Special Welcome

is extended to ALL serving Grenadiers who form part of The Queen's Guards

both at home and abroad.


Bristol being situated at the mouth of the river Severn

became one of the main ports of entry for trade to & from the British Isles

and as such the home of many mariners.


It is also the home of a great many persons

who have given part of their lives to becoming Grenadier Guardsmen

 known as "Grenadiers" which title never leaves the person.


Even after retirement we are always known as "Grenadiers"

and we take it upon ourselves to proudly announce:


"Once a Grenadier Always a Grenadier"


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